Summer-in-The-City Kids Camp

All our staff are members of the PVG scheme and have been fully disclosed!
summer-in-the-city are a nut-free zone!!!

Don't forget - Packed lunch with snacks, a few pounds, suncream, trainers & play clothes and NO valuables!

Gooooaaaaaaal!!!!!! Our little Tartan Army

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....all your need to know to get your kids ready for Summer-In-The-City!

Preparing kids for camp
Please complete booking form with all relevant information of your child and clear emergency contact details.
Your child will need a packed lunch with a few snacks for the morning and afternoon, and there is a tuck shop available.
Sun cream if the weather is hot.
Trainers and clothes that they don't mind getting dirty should be worn.
Your child will not need any valuables, computer games or large sums of money.

We are required to keep a record of any medication administered to children whilst on the camp. You must inform us clearly if medication is required to be given. The Attendance Form on arrival and the booking form will be used to record any medication that must be administered e.g. Antibiotics or Inhaler. The Parent/Carer needs to sign the form giving his/her permission for a staff member to administer the medicine.

If your child may have need of an epi-pen you must indicate this on the Attendance Form in the medical section of the form. You must also speak with the site manager about the condition.
We will need written permission from the parent allowing us to administer treatment in an emergency. We have an agreement between Summer-In-The-City and the parent for this purpose. Whilst some of our staff may have had training, it is a condition of the agreement that someone with the appropriate experience gives adequate training in how to administer the injection.

Children must be signed in and out on arrival and departure.
If however, they are allowed to move to and from camp independently then please specify on the Booking Form in the additional information section.

Behaviour and bullying
We expect any summer-in-the-city child to show respect and courtesy. We operate a strictly no bullying policy and offenders will be dealt with by camp directors. We wish each child to have a great experience and therefore bullying will not be tolerated.

Any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

" On our last day of summer camp we had a cops and robbers theme and some really nice policemen came and played a prank on us. They arrested us and took us round the corner in their police van. Everyone thought it was really funny and for a second we actually thought we were getting arrested :-) I think Nicola and Scott were definitely behind this prank!' "
Daniel McArthur and Weston Low

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