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A place for nice messages from our campers & their parents...

"Omg the staff at "summer in the city camp" are so helpful, welcoming & a lovely friendly approachable team. I am more than happy to spread the word about this camp & would highly recommend to other parents about it. I was told about it by other mums too & so happy that they did or I wouldn't know what to do with little girl over the summer holiday. My little girl who's 5 came home very happy indeed & is looking forward going back tomorrow which is a very good sign considering it's only been her first day. Keep up the good work guys at "summer in the city" your all doing a marvelous job & defo thumbs up to you all! A very happy chappy mummy indeed!"
Ena An

"I'd like to say a big thank you to all the coaches at summer-in-the-city! Alice (4) and Robbie (7) have spent most of the summer there and have really enjoyed it. They have been to other sports camps and holiday clubs in the past, and this is definitely their favourite. The coaches are really friendly and are great with young kids. The facilities are excellent - two indoor sports halls and large outdoor all-weather pitches, as well as indoor and oudoor play areas, so it is perfect for the Scottish summer weather. Definitely coming back next year!"
Katherine West

"To Nicola and Scott
We both think summer in the city is the best camp ever! You treat us well and we hope you carry on with the great camp! This is a camp we will never forget!
PS Thanks Scott for calling us 'camp legends' and thanks Nicola for all the hugs!"
Kira and Taylor

"I just wanted to say a big thanks to both of you Nicola and Scott for the excellent time which Kira and Taylor had at summer in the city. They really appreciated that personal touch...something which is often missing in the other camps. The grand finale was also really appreciated...the girls love 'tossing the welly' and that kind of thing!"
Diane Foster

"I have had my 2 boys in for over a week, we have previously used a different camp. The boys have come home everyday telling me how much fun they have had. They love the variety of sports and there is a better choice of things to do. They also noticed that the groups are less crowded than other camps. Thank you for giving them a fantastic experience. See you next year!"
M. Aitken

"My girls had a wonderful time, they made new friends and the staff were great. The still stay in touch with the friends they made over summer which I think is great. They are looking forward to going back this year."
Kate - mum of Laura and Sophie.

"We used the summer-in-the-city camp for our two children aged 7 and 12 - all last summer. Both kids were happy to go each day as they made some great friends and they enjoyed the variety of daily activities.

It was a great relief for us as parents, to know that we were leaving the children in an environment where they were safe and happy with enough activity to keep them stimulated and physically active.

We will certainly be returning to summer-in-the-city again this year!"
Nadia - mum of Alex and Sara

"My kids attended Summer in the City camp for several weeks last year. They absolutely loved it.

Nicola, Scott and all of the people involved like and understand children which is the key. The facilties were great and the activities were many and varied. Having the Korean boys over was a fantastic experience and they loved the martial arts. They were raring to go to camp each day and came home well exercised, energised and on top form each evening.

They loved all the different sports and crafts but the real winner was the competitions and mad games and water fights. I could not recommend Summer-in-the-City highly enough. If you want happy, healthy, fulfilled children send them to Nicola and Scott!"
Colette - mum of Jack and Matthew

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